Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The new sneakers are zoom zoom :)

So I broke out the new sneakers tonight for our first run of the week.  It was weird, but yesterday I was all antsy and shit because I wanted to go run, but Alex had an appointment.. So... cracked out the sneaks and the new special double socks that prevent blisters... probably doesn't matter right now with the piddly 2k that we usually put out, but hey, i'll have them for my 15 and 20k runs *wink*

Not sure if I went into details about the program itself already, so here goes.  The first few weeks of the program look like this:
Week 1
5 min warm up, 1 min run, 1.5 min walk (repeat for 20 mins) then 5 min cool down
We did week one for about hmmmmm let's say mid June until the 7th of September (labour day)

Week 2
5 min warm up, 1.5 min run, 2 min walk (repeat for 20 mins) then 5 min cool down
We've just started the second week of the Week 2 and should be doing it until end of September....

Last week was our first week of the 1.5 min run.... and let me tell you it makes that 1 min run feel so damn easy!!  LOL  When we were doing the 1 minute run.. there would be like 10 seconds left and I would be thinking my thighs are on fire... my lungs are going to collapse and my heart is going to jump out of my chest and do a jig on the sidewalk, but most of the time I managed to either finish or get to at least 3 or 4 seconds to the end.  This week is 90 seconds... sounds really easy right?  Piece of cake!  mmmmm cake *ahem* yeah, not as easy as it sounds if you're 80 pounds overweight and could eat everything cooked in butter if people would just let me!  Julia Child did it!  Why can't I?  Anyway, I digress.

As I was saying, last week with the 90 seconds listed on my iphone app, my apprehension growing and my lungs cringing in terror we set off to see if my faboulous ass could really *progress* at something in which I was visibly not making any headway.  Miracle of miracles I ran... and when I started feeling the burning/collapsing/jigging body parts I looked at my iphone and low and behold.. out of the 90 seconds we had 20 seconds left... in shock i realized that I'd not only gone past a minute, but an extra 10 seconds before my body started waving the white flag *sponsored by Cheetos (tm)*  I was so elated and pleased!

Which brings us to tonight... first run of the week, and second week of the 90 second regime.  Again, i'm blown away... the white flag went up.. and there was 10 or 5 seconds left!  If I could do cartwheels I would have been doing those mofos right around the soccer field!  That is such a big improvement... I hope I can continue to see such progress and I also hope that my legs will actually be able to move tomorrow LOL

When I'd first lost a big chunch of weight (about 100 pounds and i've gained about 30 back) I would go out power walking around the Centrepoint area as it looped around in a big circle of about 2k.. but I didn't run.. it was winter and well I was still a chicken shit.. but I was amazed at how my body didn't hurt the next day as it used too when I was at my top weight of 325.  These days with a bit of the weight gain still on me and slowly coming off (10 pounds gone since starting running) I do feel a bit sore the next day, but let's face it.. We're not running any marathons yet.

Overall, i'm a very happy couch potato... and on that note.. time for a small snack bag of popcorn and my beloved couch on which is laying my other beloved :)

Go on take the money and run...... (Steve Miller band)

ps. 248 days left until D day...

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  1. We can do it!

    You really are improving :) It's all in the attitude -- now we dress like runners, so we are runners! The goal is to cross the finish line. We can always worry about speed for a later race.

    Maybe the fancy running jackets we've been eyeing can be a mini-goal? Like a reward for getting to week 5? (Half-way-ish?) Or, for doing the first run in the (dare-I-say-it?) 'snow'?