Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm just a lonely spud.. running without you :P

As you've probably guessed from my title, I didn't run with Alex this evening.  She had the day off and I still had some shopping to do for the softball BBQ tomorrow night... kinda worked out because I was stuck in traffic for about an hour because of a bad accident on Innes.  There was tons of glass and car bits all over the place by the time I drove by, but cars and injured had been carted away.. Scary!

I found the wind a bit chilly this evening... leaving me to wonder how we're going to be able to handle really cold temps this winter, but I'm sure we'll get tougher and tougher as we get used to it :P

I ran the route that I ran on my own a few weeks ago when it was the week 1 program and I'm happy to report that I could visibly tell that I'd gone further in distance... I didn't measure it, but it was slightly further.

I'm also quite happy that I run with Alex because without her I think I would be much easier on myself LOL  Tonight while running the program I was breathing hard and sweating for sure, but I made it to the end of each 90 seconds no problem and to me that means that when I run with Alex, I run faster because she can run faster.  So brownie points to Alex for challenging me and my burning thighs, collapsing lungs and jigging heart hehehehe

Run to the hills.. run for your lives (Iron Maiden)

ps 246 days to D day

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  1. Alex likes brownie points, lol! Do they come with real brownies? :)
    I did 5k on my elliptical, then called it a day.