Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Spud is floating in camomille tea and chicken noodle soup

I'm feeling much better and a lot more like a human instead of a sack of crud :P  but i've missed a second day of training :(

I understand the need to rest, recuperate and rehydrate, but I feel bad for not getting out there....the worst part for me is that even while I was home indoors all this time, you'd think I'd get some chores accomplished about the house.. helllllllls no... didn't do squat... watched TV, surfed the web and read a bit.. that's it that's all.

I hope this stupid cold won't set me back in the training... and I hope I don't get this crud again... I thought exercising made you immune system more tough??? What the hell? :)

Oh well, nothing to do, but lay on my sofa and hope it can let go when I need to get up and out there again...

Stupid cooties!

I'll try and stop whining now.. :D


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and find it SO inspiring... I'll keep on readin' just in case I would start on runnin'...

  2. You can't run, if you are not well....lol....suck it up!

    LOL...and when you go back, you will have to start slowly, your legs will feel like jello...hehe....Love ya!!