Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fantastic weigh-in!!! *virtual cartwheel*

As I posted mid-week, the sun was shinning and I felt like it was a great week, and it really was!

I accumulated a ridonculous amount of activity points (over 80!) which my WW leader said was too much, but it was an out of the ordinary week with the hours upon hours of volunteering.  She did mention that it showed that I probably don't do enough activity on a weekly basis... which I agree with.  Running 3 times a week at this point is more like a maintenance amount of activity, so I have to try and get more daily activity.

Good news is that the WII has been moved up to be near my treadmill so I should be able to get in some Zumba time :)   Yes I caved to temptation and bought the Zumba game for the WII.  Way better than buying a dozen doughnuts don'tcha think? hehehe  Besides, the Zumba game was my gift to myself for completing my May 5km race.  WOOOHOOO.

Back to the weigh-in, since I feel the need to do more *virtual cartwheels*.  I wrote 230.5 on my mirror and 230.5 on my wrist and happily hit my lowest weight this year at 228!  That is also 10lbs away from my 10% weight loss (219.6).  I have a big freaking smile on my face :)  *Fist pump* *devil horns* *virtual cartwheel*

OK, I'll chillax with the celebrating for now :) and get back to work.  I can't loose focus now!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I also have a wii and go to WW. I do not have the Zumba game though and I was wondering how it compares to the DVD of Zumba which I have? Let me know.

  2. Sweet! Zumba for wii! ... are you still thinking of taking the instructor course?

    Score on the great week, Carol! Keep it up!