Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Zumba for the Wii

Friday I Zumba'd my butt off like a crazed latin pop star.
Saturday I ran 2kms
Sunday I walked 5kms for the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge
Monday I spent about 4 hours in the wave pool at our local water park jumping for each wave lest I drown. It was FUN and great exercise, but I was frozen by 1:30.  Thankfully the wave pool was heated so that we could enjoy our staycation day even tho it was cloudy/windy/rainy.

Doing well on the hoarding of activity points.  Sunshine really helps, would have stayed until 5pm at the wave park  *hint, hint* mother nature!

OK, now down to business with the Zumba review.  I love doing Zumba, and even moreso when I can do it in the privacy of my home since I feel like a dicombobulated nimcompoop when I first try some of those moves :P

The main differences I can see between doing a Zumba DVD and using the Zumba Wii is that with the Wii you can compete against other players (exercisers) you can play one person against one person or one team against another team. 

With the DVD you would be limited to a certain amount of routines you could do (think Jillian's 30 day Shred) whereas with the Wii you can do a 5 minute routine, 20 minute routine, different kinds of music, different kinds of steps.  There probably isn't a ton more stuff, but you can mix it up a bit more.  As you play more, you also get to "unlock" more locations like the Rooftop.  All of the routines start out in the Nightclub.

The downside for me is that it's not a real person on screen, it's sort of a cartoon person, but not really.  I prefer seeing real people work out, seems to help me grasp some of the complicated ones faster.

If I can't go to a real class, I like the Wii, but I'd probably enjoy the DVD's as well to be able to see a person for realz :)

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