Thursday, June 2, 2011

To sign up or not to sign up?

I wrote a really long post between yesterday and today so I decided to split it up into two :)

I haven't signed up for another 5km running clinic.... it's not that I don't love them, I really do, but I think I'm going to try and continue running at least 3 times per week on my own.  I'd like to see if I'm capable of keeping myself on track and most of all I want to save a bit of money.  The clinic itself would only cost $49.99, what ends up costing a lot is the gas money to drive to the course location that I like (Merivale/Baseline area) and the traditional Subway supper that I have on that day.   Why do I do that you ask?  Well there was originally two reasons:
  • Reason #1, I used to meet with Alex at that location because it was the halfway point between my home and her home.  
  • Reason # 2, I would go straight from work to the Running Room location to save some gas.  (see breakdown below)
If I go home after work:
Work to home is 16.9 km
Home to Running Room @ Merivale is 24.6
Running Room to home again  24.6 km = 66.1 km

If I go straight to the Running room after work:
Work to Running Room 6.5 km
Running Room to home 24.6 km = 31.1 km

Alex and I work within approximately two or three blocks of each other, and the Merivale Running Room is closer to my work than my home.  I finish work at 3:30pm, so on  the clinic nights, I would just drive to the Running Room location, walk across the street and have Subway for supper and hang out with Alex until our class started at 7:15.  The actual run was around 8:00 or 8:15 and we'd run for around 30 to 45 mins dependant on the distance of the day.  Then around 9:00 or 9:30 I'd drive home.

After Alex's knee began to complain loudly and she traded her running clinics for intense gym time, I continued to go to the same Running Room location.  I really liked the staff and the instructors (Linda is my favorite) and it's still close to my work (6.5 kms).  Last week during our last run with Linda, she announced that she won't be teaching for the summer because she's going to be training for herself and taking the 1/2 marathon clinic.  Cool for her, sad for me because I think that's yet another reason I didn't have the ambition to sign up for another clinic. 

Saving money, not having access to my favorite instructor is enough to make me want me to train on my own for now, but I really should switch to the Orleans Running Room location, since I live in that neighborhood.  I'd still have to drive there, but I could eat at home after work.  My only fear is that I would get too comfortable at home before needing to head out to class.  Once the bra comes off I don't usually leave the house... and y'all should be happy about that!

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