Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Houston... we had a problem

I still haven't played my Wii Zumba game.

Not for lack of wanting to Zumba like a crazed Latin pop star...
Not for lack of getting up off my butt...
Not for lack of changing into workout clothes....

We had technical difficulties. 

Our Wii died of a broken heart.  After over a year (at my estimate) of not being used I believe our Wii passed away silently during the quiet daytime hours while we were at work.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but Wii will be missed even though it thought that we didn't love it anymore.

Burial services will be held in the storage room under the stairs this evening.  No need to send food or flowers, but a donation to the "Get Carol's ass off the couch" fund would be happily accepted.

Since Nintendo is coming out with a new Wii system, our local gaming store has their refurbished Wii's on sale for 80 dollars plus tax.  I now have a Wii in my possession and low and behold I can't use it tonight because we're playing softball, but I'm closer than I was yesterday :)

For the last two evenings while I stood in our living room in my workout gear, Wii remote in hand, tear in my eye and no activity happening, I decided to not let the demise of the Wii stop me from hoarding more activity points.

Monday night I went out and ran 3kms and last night I walked 5kms. At least I think so :P

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