Friday, November 5, 2010


So I decided to experiment a bit with my eating this week.... shuffle up the points and eat more fruit & veg and eat something every 3 hours (during the day)  Now that doesn't mean I stayed below my points... nope, not at all... went horribly over my points several times because no matter how good I was during the day... there were several Halloween treats consumed in the evening.

If I go by past experience (and I've got the charts and graphs to prove it) the weekend is what usually breaks me... even if I eat horrible all week (like this week) my weight either stays the same or drops down to at least the same as the week before.  I seem to bounce up on the weekend and creep down during the week when eating is scheduled a bit more rigidly and the items are almost the same everyday (well except for evening meals and free for all snacking fiascos)  So if weekends were not so off kilter or so different, then in theory I could actually drop down into the 220's instead of bouncing around in the 230's for months on end.... right?

This weekend will be experiment number one:  I am going to try the "eat exactly the same type of structured every 3 hours meals"  but time shifted because i want to sleep in.... and see what that does.  Maybe next weekend I can *try* getting up early and eating like a day during the work week.

Most of all, I've got to put the Halloween treats in the freezer, I tend to ignore them when they are in there.. not sure why... out of sight, out of mind?  Besides, frozen mini chocolate bars are hard on the teeth LOL

I've done my measurements for the first time in a long long time, here is the comparison between September 2009 and November 2010:

Chest:  Sep/09  50", Nov/10  47.5"
Bra strap:  Sep/09 ??, Nov/10  41"
Waist:  Sep/09  46", Nov/10  45"
Hips:  Sep/09  54", Nov/10  51"
Thigh:  Sep/09  22", Nov/10 24"
Calves:  Sep/09 16", Nov/10 16"
Arm (Bicep):  Sep/09 ??, Nov/10 15"

That's a difference of 6.5' if my calculations are correct, so I haven't moved much in that department either, but at this point any reduction in size is good in my books :P  I can tell in pictures that my body has changed.  YAY  one less roll to hide... hehehe

So my new official weigh-in day is today and my weight is the same as last Wednesday @ 239.  Tune in next week to see how the experiments work out :)

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  1. Don't beat yourself up so much! 6.5" is a lot!!

    Maybe you should do a body fat analysis somewhere? I know from looking at you it appears your body composition has changed, so maybe seeing the concrete numbers there would be motivating?

    See ya tomorrow :)