Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend experiments

This past weekend I was planning an experiment....I was going to try and eat as close to a weekday schedule/amount as possible.

Saturday:  Up at 8am, breakfast, snacks, were like during the week.  Lunch was skipped because I had a function to attend in late afternoon and I knew it was going to be point heavy. (mostly wine points)  I still managed to lose weight by Sunday.

Sunday:  Up at NOON!  yeah, you read that right, Noon.  So it would have been the perfect day to eat the regular schedule, but time shift everything... nope.. didn't happen as planned... I gave in to the request for waffles and by the time they were made  and we sat down to eat it was almost 1:30!  I was beyond starving....the waffles were a WW recipe and 8points for 2 huge ones, but it's not the waffles that sent my day out of whack, it was the extreme hunger... the rest of the afternoon was spent making egg bake for weekday breakfasts and homemade WW pizzas for lunches... I tried to eat snacks like yogurt and grapes, but the other snacks that I usually eat require two hands, either to make or consume, so the apple didn't happen and the carrots/celery with hummus didn't happen.  I did however eat a lot of pieces of veggies while prepping my week foods.

It all came to a crash when I just couldn't avoid the hunger anymore and used the leftover veggies with some measured ground chicken combined (unfortunately) with unmeasured rice noodles... those noodles albeit totally yummy were too much and I gained 3 pounds by Monday morning.  *sigh*  I've already lost 2 of the 3 pounds, but the point was very clear to me.  "Don't let myself get too hungry" 

I am liking the breakfast and lunch made in advance thing for during the week, and I think time shifting or otherwise on the weekend can work, as long as I keep eating the same types of foods and snacks.  I have the day off on Thursday and I may try the time shifting thing that day, since I'll be home alone during the day.  

I've read a lot of blog posts from other people talking about planning ahead is crucial to their weight loss success and I can see how that is true, but if I want to live this lifestyle, I really need to adjust myself to real life situations and come up with more strategies and tricks to deal with all the social things we do.  I HAVE to get into the habit of ordering a damn salad with chicken on it when I go out...  HAVE to drop the whining voice in my head that keeps saying "but you're out with friends, you need to celebrate!"  Celebrate what?  Knowing how to put on shoes and leaving the house?  Not everything is a celebration.

Awesome quote that I read today:

"You can't expect to loose weight if you keep shoveling the same garbage in your mouth that made you fat."

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