Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still lot's of room for improvement... practice, practice, pratice

Practice will probably never make me perfect, but practice might help things feel more natural....

I'm talking about how to deal with weekends and especially eating out socially on weekends...  Last week I had Thursday off for Remembrance Day and I did very well, stayed on plan and even got some exercise into my day despite wanting to lounge on the sofa all day :P  I am a couch potato after all, it's my natural habitat.... like the house Hippo in the TV commercial except I don't eat raisins :P  House Hippo

So over the weekend, my plan was to repeat the success of Thursday.  Sounds pretty easy.  Well, Friday I went out with friends for some Vietnamese and I chose my meal very carefully and next day on the scale I still managed a loss.  Saturday during the day I walked a nice long 7.38 kms outside in the fabulous weather, but Saturday night I went out unexpectedly.  Now, there were things on the menu at that place that "I could have" ordered, but I was a bad bad girl.  Alex was there with me, and she put it best when we spoke on Monday  "I think I got caught up in the atmosphere… the pizza wasn’t even good.  And dessert was unnecessary.  Delicious! But unnecessary"  I also felt like I got caught up in everybody's thrill to eat naughty and really didn't need dessert either.  Part of the issue was eating so late... I should have brought snacks with me for Alex and I to munch on while we watched our friends at the Curling Club.  They were burning calories, while we sat down and talked LOL  Not many calories burned there!

So what I get from this is that it's good to know about social outings way in advance to help your brain build a steel like resolve when it comes to reading the menu, bring healthy snacks like carrots and celery to help fill you up and regulate the blood sugar and most of all... nobody needs dessert!

I also have resolved to do some form of exercise everyday... even if it's just walking on the treadmill.   I wonder if I could do 100kms in a month.... hmmmm might be a new goal to set...lot's of kms to strengthen my base so that I can then do the training schedule to run 10km.  Right now I can run 5km without any issues... but anything over 6km seems to make my knees hurt... so I'm working on my base with fast walking and hoping to up my kms to 10km walking and then progress into running again.

So off I go into the sunset... practice... practice... practice....

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  1. I totally take the blame for that one. I let my wallet chose my supper, not my brain. I cheaped out and split a pizza with J&J, which wasn't a great choice. The restaurant had (bland-sounding) slightly less detrimental menu options. I could have gone with that... but I was really, REALLY, thirsty, and I lost my resolve. Plus, I figured with the pizza that my week was already a wash, so what could dessert hurt? A lot, apparently :/

    Next outing we'll support each other. It's my pledge :)

    Although, since the wallet is still screaming at me (especially as Christmas creeps closer) it may be a while before there's another outing in my future.