Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3 of the Shred-tastic journey

Things were even less "tender" today, barely felt my arms at all unless I stretched them out and my upper abs were barely a butterfly twinge.  I'm really liking the short early morning workout... gets it out of the way and if I don't have time in the evening to do anything, at least I know I did something in the morning.

I really should do more in the evening, but I did groceries tonight, so there went at least 1.5 hours off my night.  Plus I just got the latest WW magazine and the New complete WW cookbook... so I'm kinda like a crow in a jewelery store distracted by all the shiny stuff  "CAW, CAW!"

Tomorrow John is going skiing after work, so I will treat myself to a run on the treadmill.  It'll be short, but it will be fun to get back on my rubber highway.... besides, I've got to dust the poor girl off after one month plus of ignoring her!!!  *gasp*  That's the longest I've been away from running since I started... blows my mind. :)

My weight is coming down, not sure about inches, but I'll weigh in on Friday (as usual) and maybe there will be a  good result after only 5 workouts completed. :)

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