Friday, January 14, 2011

Day five - Shred-O-matic!!!!

Day 5 of the Shred.  Still going strong, no tenderness at all now... yay!  Still sucking wind and modifying some of the jumping jacks, but I know I'm slowly getting better.

Friday, official weigh-in day after 5 days doing the 30 day Shred.  From one Friday to the next I'm UP 0.2, however the silver lining that you guys haven't seen from the blogosphere is that I really am back down... What?  Yeah... weekends I usually gain right?  So this is how the week went:

Friday Jan 7th = 241.6
Saturday Jan 8th = Didn't weigh.. too busy lounging around ....
Sunday Jan 9th =  Didn't weigh... too busy pigging out....
Monday Jan 10th = 243.6  (+2) - Day one of Shred
Tuesday Jan 11th = 242.4 (-1.2) - Day two of Shred
Wednesday Jan 12th = 240.2 (-1.2) - Day three of Shred
Thursday Jan 13th = 240.6 (+0.4) - Day four of Shred
Friday Jan 14th = 241.8 (+1.2) - Day five of Shred

You may think I'm upset, that I want to give it all up and just lounge around and eat chips.... No, not at all!  *Surprise!*

I am quite pleased that my weight is only 0.2 pounds up from last Friday because this is my time of the month.  Normally I could have gained 3 to 5 lbs on top of the 243.6 pounds that I weighed on Monday.

To me the big challenge is going to be Shredding through this weekend AND sticking to my points because Monday will be the first full week of doing the Shred.  I may not see a weight difference by Monday, but I'm hoping that the daily workouts will show some progress in my body measurements :)

Keep on shredding:  Shredding bad habits and shredding through your workouts!

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