Thursday, July 22, 2010

20 minute challenge and the lengths I'll walk for a free hat!

Last night was the 26th annual 20 minute challenge at the Running Room. It was started by John Stanton to prove to people that anyone can exercise for 20 mins. We had set out to walk a 2km route, but there were so many different groups heading out (1km, 2km, 4km) for either a walk or a run.. so there were minimum 6 different "teams" We headed out in the direction we "thought" was the 2km, but we ended up walking for close to an hour... and it doesn't take me that long to walk 2km.. LOL So I went on Google and mapped that sucker out ....and it was indeed 4km... yay! More mileage for me... *happy dance*

I went over my points + activity points yesterday, but I had decided to celebrate a bit with some Pad Thai for lunch... knowing that I was going to exercise after work last night also factored into my decision :) This morning on the scale, I lost more weight! Woohooo Here's to hoping that the trend can continue until the next weigh in... I'm so very close to the 220's ... I can smell it!

The next few days of activity should really help out. Tonight I'm running with a new 5km class... it's a trial thing, I'll talk more about it tomorrow after I meet the group. Tomorrow night is the regular run class, but we're doing something different... it's a field trip to the Nepean Sports centre for a spinning class hosted by our running instructor Linda. In her "other life" she is a spin instructor and she decided that she'd be our guest speaker to talk about cross training and what better way than to have us experience a very good cross training activity like spinning! When she was injured and couldn't run for 3 years, she did spinning and it help her keep up her fitness so well that she felt like she'd never stopped running. I'm not sure how well I'll do because bikes hurt my butt, but I'm willing to try it out.

So, as I was saying, running Thursday night, spinning Friday night... Saturday is a rest day, Sunday is a practice run + Aquafit afterwards and a possible bike ride later in the day with Alex. If spinning class doesn't kill me... LOL I can just see the activity points pilling up now!

Wednesday July 21st
28 points + 4 AP = 32 - 34.9 (points used) = -2.9 points left for the day  (booooo hissss)

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  1. I love how your "rest day" will be spent walking around the Market all afternoon... doesn't sound like much of a "rest" to me!

    For sure we'll do something Sunday, just after my haircut. See you then!