Thursday, July 8, 2010

The heat is on!

Yesterday was an awesome day... I started it off with my early morning run (2.3km). It was short and sweet, but I think it helped me out for the whole day. It's very hot this week in our neck of the woods (43 degrees on average) and most of us aren't used to that.... but I drank what felt like close to 4 litres of liquids and that combined with the early morning run seemed to have given me an energy boost for the whole day, helped me avoid the dreaded heat headache that lot's of people have been talking about and I think ultimately helped me feel like the heat wasn't that bad while we were playing softball. Some of the skinny people were having issues and I thought one guy was going to hurl, but I was feeling great. Yes I was warm and sweating a lot, but I wasn't nauseated, I didn't have a headache, I felt energetic and best of all I felt like I performed really well at softball. I got a really good hit out past the short stop when usually I hit infield only. My running to first base felt tight, controlled and faster than normal. I felt like I was on a good way!

This morning the scale was down too! I won't talk about the number for fear of jinxing it, but I'm hoping to keep that number and go even lower! I didn't run this morning because we only got to bed around 1am and I figured sleep was more important, but I plan to do some kind of physical activity this evening after my grocery run.

Tomorrow night is run class, I don't have enough practice run time under my belt for this week and I fear that the class is going to be tough especially in the heat, but I'll water load all day and hope that it helps me out for the evening heat.

Wednesday July 7th

2 slices of Wonder Woman Bread = 1 point
2 slices of low fat cheese = 1 point
2 slices of low fat ham = 1 point
Venti light blended mocha Frappaccino = 3.6 points
1 litre of water (Nalgene bottle full of water & Ice) = 0 point
2 - 500ml bottles of water

Thinsations cookies = 2 points

Veggie salad = 0 points
1 cup pasta (macaroni) = 4 points
Tuna = 2.4 points
Italian dressing, 4 Tbsp = 0.4 points
diet coke = 0 points

1 cup corn = 2 points
1/2 cup cous cous = 1.5 points
Tilapia 9oz = 6 points
Popsicle = 2 points
Thinsations cookies = 2 points
diet pepsi = 0 points

2 slices of pizza = 9.6 points
diet pepsi = 0 points
16 oz water = 0 points

Activity Points: Running + softball = 13

28 points + 13 AP = 41 - 38.1 (points used) = 2.9 points left for the day


  1. Good work on your points. I joined Weight Watchers yesterday myself. I drink diet coke, but I am going to get some diet pepsi also. Where do you live that 43 degrees is hot. I live in Mississippi and it is 96 degrees here today in the shade..

  2. Hi Debbie!
    She means it was 43 degrees Celsius here today :) With the humidity, it's insanely hot!

    Good work Carol! You're kickin' butt!