Thursday, July 1, 2010

Softball rained out...

Last night was softball night, but we only got to play one inning before it started to pour.... we would have just taken a rain delay and kept playing except for the fact that we'd already won be default because the other team only had 4 players show up.... so we lent them a few players and started playing until the rain came.... Then we said screw it.. it's time to go to the bar!

So I didn't get to really earn any activity points.. one inning is nothing...but I did well on the points budget :)

2 slices of WW bread = 1 point
LF ham = 1 point
LF cheese = 1 point
Vanilla latte = 2.6 points

Cashews = 3.2 points
Raspberries = 1 point

Veggie salad = 0 points
1/2 cup brown rice = 1.4 points
LF Ham = 1 point
LF Italian dressing = 0.4 points
Thinsations cookies = 2 points

1/3 Sunflower seeds = 1.7 points
Diet pepsi = 0 points

2 WW flat rolls = 2 points
2 chicken burger patties = 10 points
Grilled Zucchini = 0 points

After softball:
Diet Pepsi = 0 points

Total points used for the day:  28.3  so only 0.3 points in the hole :)

1 comment:

  1. That's a victory for the day :)

    At least you're not a big beer drinker!

    Doesn't look like we're spinning this week -- just a normal run. I'll be joining you tonight, I just have to stop if it hurts. Hopefully I'll be alright all the way through. Have fun at Calpyso!