Friday, July 16, 2010

Sometimes life hands you too many options...

Since I was so worn out yesterday and sleepy I skipped going for a bike ride, but it turned out to be a good thing.. It was very hot and humid last night. We did compromise and go for a walk after dinner and that was good enough. It was so hot during our 30 minute casual stroll around the neighborhood that I was pretty sweaty. I probably would have been OK on a bike ride, but I'm glad I gave myself a chance to rest and save up some energy for all the activity I'm going to end up doing this weekend. Tonight is the Running Room class and we're supposed to run 4.4 kms. Saturday I plan to do a major cleaning of the inside and the outside (backyard) of the house and maybe a bike ride. Sunday morning is practice run and Aquafit. Wouldn't it be nice to loose 10 pounds over the weekend? LOL but I think that's asking too much of myself :) Gotta keep it real!

About having too many options:  I'm having a bit of dilemma with the running classes. My current class schedule ends Friday August 6th and the next class started last night Thursday July 15th or Monday August 23rd (during my vacation in Vegas). I'm not thrilled with the overlap of 4 weeks, nor am I thrilled with missing the first class on August 23rd and especially not thrilled with classes on a Monday night. For some reason, to me Monday nights are just a night were I'm totally wiped out. Sunday nights I have a hard time falling asleep... like it's the night before the first day of school, so Monday nights I usually pay the price and drag my whiner ass around until bedtime (if I make it to bedtime) Alex suggested that I just take the online classes and run on my own, which most of the time, I don't mind running on my own, but I really really like going to those classes, being around other runners, getting to hear the guest speakers and I really like the people that work at the Running Room. They are all very inspiring to me. So I know for sure I'm going to take more classes, that seems like a pretty easy decision to me, the harder part will be deciding which one.... maybe taking a Monday night class will help me get over the low energy, low sleep Mondays...who knows. I'm going to talk with Pat @ the Running Room tonight and see what she thinks would be a good plan. Oh I almost forgot... I also have the option of Monday nights classes @ 6:30 instead of 7:15 in my neighborhood. Alex and I were meeting in the middle of the city because we live at opposite ends, but if Alex isn't able to continue running for good, then we'd meet and do weight training at the gym, therefore I wouldn't need to drive out to Merivale road for classes, the downside is that I would miss the really great people that work and teach at that location... Decisions, decisions!  Stay tuned for the ongoing drama of when and where the Spud will run... LOL  It's like a soap opera, without the beautiful people and without the great clothes and the high drama... well ok, it's not a soap opera at all ...just in my head :P

Thursday July 15th

2 slices of Wonder Woman Bread = 1 point
2 slices of low fat cheese = 1 point
2 slices of low fat ham = 1 point
1/4 cup of egg whites = 0.5 point
Grande light blended Caramel Frappaccino = 3 points
1 litre of water (Nalgene bottle full of water & Ice) = 0 point

Venti Passion Fruit Tazo Tea Lemonade = 3.8 points

Veggie Sub = 8 points
Apple = 1 point

Mini Pizzas = 9 points

Activity Points: 1.6

28 points + 1.6 AP = 29.6 - 28.8 (points used) = 0.8 points left for the day

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