Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend wrap up

So this morning I'm down to 236.2.. yay! I'm thrilled! I didn't really do much to get there, in fact cheated a few times and then didn't work out much. Tomorrow morning is the official Weigh Off day... we'll see how that goes.

I want to be in the 220's in July wouldn't it be awesome to be in the 220's again? It's been a long time it seems.. Helloooo my old friend!

We didn't do anything for Canada Day itself, just went to the movies and this time we didn't eat there... YAY for one small victory....

On Friday the weather was awesome, we were out in the glorious sun for about 7 hours... yes I wore sunblock.... no I didn't re-apply .... yes I'm scorched....lesson learned: even waterproof sunblock doesn't stay on forever :( We brought food to the park with us so we were pretty good points wise, even with the Ice cream cone :)  Friday evening I rushed back from the water park and ran 4km with my Running Room people.. it was a tad painful in the bra area because of the sunburn... but the sunburn pain was only gonig to kick into full gear on Saturday.

Saturday we had games night with friends and I'm very proud to say we had very healthy snacks of fruit, some nuts and some low fat popcorn.... everyone liked it, or at least they didn't complain and we didn't go off the chart on points... YAY another small victory! I wore a tube top so that my roasted shoulders wouldn't have to suffer through bra straps... I don't have the body for a tube top, but I was in pain, so people had to live with seeing me that way..

Sunday I sat down and watched the Shred DVD... you know so that I know what to expect LOL Man, it's so easy to psych ourselves out of doing something "oh I can't run 5kms" Guess what... I did! And I'm still doing it! So I know I'm blowing smoke up my own butt about the Shred DVD.... Oh I'm sure it's super hard and that I'm going to want to hurl, but bottom line is that I know I can do it... it just depends how much complaining I'll do about it hahahaha! Whine Whine Whine :P Watching the DVD was easy, especially in fast forward hahaha but it does look hard.. lot's of jumping jacks and jump rope jumps... which by the way, in fast forward they looked like hummingbirds hovering over the exercise mats.. hilarious.. you should watch it that way sometime! And no, I didn't do the workout ... yet! Spent the rest of the day relaxing in the dark cool basement.

Monday was stay-at-home-and-not-wear-clothes day :) One last day to hide in the dark with my aloe gel...

I tracked my points the whole time and did well on most of the days, but I'm not gonna post it all here... that would take too long and well I don't feel like it :P Back to the daily food posts tomorrow!

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  1. I find actual classes are more interesting (to me) than the videos... maybe once you're done Shredding we can do a class at Goodlife? My membership should kick in soon :)