Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The beads of sweat make me smile...

Last night was a good practice run on the treadmill... 4.86 sweaty kilometers :)  I took my time and did it long and slow because I was still not done digesting supper... could have probably waited another hour, but I didn't want to finish running 2 mins before bedtime.  I was absolutely drenched in sweat when I was done.. my whole sports bra was wet, the top of my shorts, everything!  I'm starting to think that the more I work out, the more I sweat.. I remember not sweating that much in the beginning... or maybe it's just that I'm drinking a lot more liquid... so it comes squelching out when I run LOL  Either way the beads of sweat make me smile and feel proud... now to just remember to bring a towel so those glorious beads of sweat stop stinging my eyes! 

This morning was a good weigh in... - 0.2 ... not a big loss, but always a step in the right direction.  It just proves the theory that only eating half or less of your activity points will help you loose more...  I pretty much ate all of them this week.. but I'm pretty sure I could have lost a pound or two had I gotten closer to half.  Next week is a new week and we'll just try again!

Tonight is the 20 minute challenge at the Running Room, which to me means a 20 min walk with friends and a reward of a new red hat :)  They predict close to 600 people will show up... I may have to park across the street, oh well... more walking for me!

Tuesday July 20th

28 points + 11.1 AP = 39.1 - 38.2 (points used) = 0.9 points left for the day (back in black baby!)

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