Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Illegitimate food babies...

At Friday's Running Room class we had Pat and Marissa from Flemming Fitness come and talked to us about nutrition, specifically for runners, which was cool. Apparently my approach of having a low calorie Popsicle after the run albeit refreshing is not helpful for muscle recovery aka sore arsed body parts. The two main things that they said that resonated with me the most were that we need to consume less than 12g of sugar in one food item per meal and the other one was that there should be a protein and a carb type snack after your 5km run.

So I sat down and took a good look at my food diary... and found a big boo boo. My almost daily light blended frappaccino indulgence which is under 4 WW points and seemed worth the splurge is not so worth the splurge after all when I see the sugar .... wait for it.... 23 grams of sugar.. IN LIGHT BLENDED... sigh. So even though I've been under my points most of the time, I've been self sabotaging myself with the icy treat. So I decided that yesterday would be my very last frappaccino.. and guess what.. they forgot to make it light blended... so I went over my points yesterday DOH! talk about going out with a bang.

Not to be discouraged by a lack of icy caffeine on hot summer mornings.. I've found a replacement! PC brand Vanilla Latte powder. For 2 tablespoons of the mix and 2/3 cup of water it's 60 calories, 1 g fat and best of all... 5 grams of sugar. Last night I made double that, so 120 calories 2 g fat and 10 grams of sugar (under the limit!) and mixed with 1 1/3 cup of warm water and placed it in the fridge... this morning I threw in some ice cubes and had it as an iced coffee instead of a frappaccino (blender is on the fritz) all for 2.6 WW points. We shall see if the reaps any benefit, but I think it will because sugar is stored immediately as belly fat and that is the main area where I'm carrying bulge.. no people it's not a food baby.. it's a sugar baby... a Starbucks illegitimate sugar baby and I want it gone!

The other thing I'm trying is before the 5km run, instead of eating a veggie sub at Subway for 8 points I'm going to have a ham and turkey salad for 4 points and when I get home I can have a sandwich with carb and protein in it for another 4 points and still end up a the same total, but get the benefits of the body getting the protein and carbs it wants after the workout.... and still have the Popsicle for dessert :P

Monday July 19th
28 RP + 0 AP = 28 - 31.1 (points used) = -3.1 points left for the day (in the hole again dammit!)


  1. hmm... so my two Subway cookies, pre-run will have to be a no-no? :/
    Why can't cookies be good for us?!

  2. Cookies are good for the soul.. just not the waistline... as you can tell, I got a lot of soul! LOL