Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Weekend Wrap :)

Well folks, instead of posting oodles of info about what I ate all weekend and boring you all to tears, I figured I'd just post my totals because I actually did very well so i'm not too shy about posting the numbers hehehe

Friday was 28 regular points + 11.4 activity points = 39.4 and I used 38.7 for a balance of 0.7
Saturday was 28 RP + 7 AP = 35 - 30.9 = 4.1
Sunday was 28 RP + 16 AP = 44 - 42.5 = 1.5
Monday was 28 RP + 0 AP = 28 - 27.2 = 0.8

I did pretty well considering we went to a BBQ on Sunday night and I tried to keep a mental total in my mind, but it's hard to judge when people bring 3 different kinds of salad yanno?  I can't really grab them by the colar and demand that they provide me the nutritional info LOL  Tempting as it may be at times :)

The thing that really helped me out was the amount of activity I did; Friday night was a 4.2 km run, Saturday afternoon Alex and I did a 12 km bike ride, Sunday morning was another 4.4 km run followed by 45 minutes of Aquafit.  I think that is the key to weekends.. just workout until you're too damn tired to eat LOL

I'm hoping to run on my treadmill with my new sneakers (about 6months overdue!!) so that they can break me in properly before Vegas.

I absolutely refuse to mention my weight, good, bad or the same.. until the Weigh Off on Wednesday morning... I don't wanna jinx it!!  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck on your weigh in. Sounds like you had a good work out this weekend. I ride my bike some, but not to much this time of the year it is to hot. I ride during the winter when we go to deer camp.

  2. We can always go biking again this weekend! Looks like another hot weekend :)

    Maybe later on this summer we can tackle the Gananoque Haunted Walk? Or the one they do of Fort Henry?

    Keep up the good work!!